From Pakuri To Assistant?!

24.3K roll paper , Dorang

BL, Comedy

“I'm... I'm a pakuri to my super handsome crush...?!” Liking Kanghyun's artwork so much, Jiun became his pakuri(someone who copies another's artwork). One day, Jiun is shocked to be told by a friend that he's just a mere pakuri. Over his distraught guilt, he decides to meet with Kanghyun to apologize. But instead... Jiun becomes Kanghyun's assistant?!

The Good Life

11.1K Eo Jin , Jiae

BL, Campus, Comedy

Yuchang is a boy that lives with the problem of being way too handsome that nobody can relate to! Having been born with such pure beauty, Yuchang undergoes a project to become a dork.

Between The Devil And I

14.2K SeolockT , Dimang


Wonwoo quits being a child actor because of his parents' greed. But 20 years later, he picks up his acting career again. One day, on his way back home after a shoot, Wonwoo runs into a fortune teller that gives him a paper that claimed to grant wishes. Wonwoo half-heartedly writes a wish when the Devil appears before him...

The Voice Next Door

24.1K SeolockT , An Eunjin

BL, Comedy

In order for the ugly Junseok to win over his co-worker Jaehyun, Junseok quits his job and undergoes plastic surgery. They meet coincidentally, spend a night together, and afterwards, Junseok runs away in embarrassment. But who is it that just moved in next door?!

Tied Up In Twins

13.2K Red Shoes , Racking

BL, Campus

Jinwoo, who has liked Woojung for a long time ever since they became good friends through boxing during high school, finally gets the chance to drunk-confess to him and spends a hot night together... but, huh?? You're not Woojung but his brother Sarang? What do you mean?!

The Three Wishes

4.5K xian , Byeol


Ahin saves an injured dragon by chance and earns the chance to be granted three wishes. A few days later, a serial killer murders Ahin, and he wishes “to see Ray Quonington when he was 19,” his first love... but when Ahin comes to his senses...



BL, Fantasy

Set in an Eastern fantasy backdrop, It's a love story entailing beautiful men in a rare and obsessive BL romance. It's got it all: acting macho, feeling regret, getting fussy, destroying all surroundings, enslaving skillful characters, and a couple that exceeds all expectations!

Red-Haired James

6.8K Park Ho-Dan

BL, Drama

"James, you are beautiful.""Then kiss me…"Henry Cuthbert asks for a strong worker who can help at his farm, but unexpectedly he ends up with a red-haired orphan called James. Although he is far from being strong, Henry ends up accepting James into his home. As the years pass by, James grows up to be a handsome young man, and the two find themselves falling for each other. But can their love be enough to heal their dark pasts and overcome the obstacles that keep trying to pull them apart?

Whose baby is it?

66.2K WenRenNiaoShiDuo , YSSS Studio

BL, Comedy, Drama

Yiyun, an aspiring actor, is also a single father raising Rourou on his own- a baby with superpowers he gave "birth" to, with the help of science. But a rich man suddenly barges into their lives claiming that Rourou, is in fact, his son. Just who is this crazy man, and whose baby is Rourou!?

The Modern Story of Majo

25.9K Xiyuer , Luma

BL, Fantasy

The 168-year old wizard just wants to live a peaceful, solitary life. Nothing good happens to humans who are too close to wizards, anyway. But one day, a handsome new manager comes to his company and just won't leave him alone! Just what does he want!?

The Blind & The Homeless

15.2K lamatter

BL, Drama

It was by accident that these two met: a smart, but decadent homeless and a near-blind masseur. After a series of unexpected events, their lives are suddenly entwined. Although their encounter is off to a shaky start, the two learn to see beyond their imperfections through each other. But that's not where their story ends...

The Keystone Romantic Combination

8.4K Teava , TEAL


"A romantic baseball comedy about a top player and a rising teammate!" After failing and not liking the top baseball player Hyun, the less successful Youngjoon retrieves from working hard on his baseball career. Seven years later, they suddenly run into each other being on the same team. What begins as an effort to enhance the team's defense by creating a keystone combination with these two, slowly unravels a caring and sweet yet flirty friendship. Knowing that Hyun has been loving and believing in him for a long time, Youngjoon notices Hyun's cuteness more and more. Not only the training but also their shared living situation heat up their desire and feelings for each other...

Entertainment Comes First

19.4K A salted fish , The Shubl Website


A powerful CEO who refuses to reveal his real personality to the outside world, and a good-looking young actor with rich background: they were romantic rivals when they first met. But their paths took a peculiar turn, and now they are the "model couple” under the spotlight. Although it started off as a fake relationship, both of their hearts are changing. At the same time, shadow of conspiracy and danger starts to cast on them...

A Good Day to Go Crazy

4.2K yusa


"A TV star shows up and everything changes!" A dazzling star meets Hosoo, who lives his life for his sick little sister. It's the famous singer Esau, who is about to make a comeback soon. Esau is facing a sudden crisis as some woman appeared declaring to be his birth mother. He is going through so much pain behind all the stardom, so Hosoo becomes the only one he can rely on. From then on, Hosoo's life is anything but ordinary...

Biting the Tiger

7.5K Mindal Park


"A sweet and caring love story about the singer Yunho and the mythical tiger Hanwool!" Yunho lost his family when he was just a little boy and lives now as a rock band vocalist. One day, Yunho learns that his never-ending crush Kyunghoon, who always consoled him in his dark days, has fallen in love with another man. Running away in shock, Yunho bumps into the mythical tiger Hanwool. Hanwool notices a sweet scent surrounding Yunho. Although the tiger is normally not interested in humans, he gets intrigued by Yunho... This is a sweet love story about healing each other's wounds.

The Knight's Unfulfilled Dreams - YA Edition

4.4K Sujin Kim


They say there is a thin line between love and hate… Prince Kaliyan takes over as the new Emperor at the end of a long and bloody war for the throne. After years of secretly fulfilling Kaliyan's desires as his sword, Ian knows he is no longer needed and goes into hiding. Ian receives news of his brother Robin’s impending execution after years of silence, and rushes back to the palace. He is after his once-beloved Kaliyan, hell-bent on getting his revenge. Instead, out of their reunion erupts a steamy yet deadly imperial romance!

The Heart-Rending Crime

20.4K olacomic , kilnpunk


The couple who were deeply in love cut off their relationship and became strangers. Ten years later, when they met each other again, one of them was promoted to a scheming and ruthless general from a nobody, the other one was reduced to a humble slave from a noble Crown Prince. What happened ten years ago to Ji Ning entirely? He loves Bai Qingyan deeply yet hates him in the meantime.

Sweet Caress

5.4K Keimjae


Woojin is so good with animals you could call him human catnip!But, thanks to his gloomy appearance and shy personality, he has a hard time connecting with other people.On the opposite end of the spectrum is Sangyoon, the kind, bright and handsome owner of an animal cafe.He meets Woojin by chance and is enthralled by the way he immediately bonds with animals.He ends up inviting Woojin to come work for him at the cafe.Woojin falls for him at first sight but is unable to work up the courage to make a move!Will Woojin ever end up with Sangyoon who he so longs to be with?




The fiercely rebellious Xiang Yang annoyed his parents, terrified his classmates but attracted his class monitor Ming Xu's attention deeply. Unconsciously, Ming Xu's feelings for Xiang Yang got more and more complicated—care, pity, rage, and other indescribable emotions... Using his tenderness and occasional toughness, he finally won that young boy’s heart... This is a romance of redemption filled with laughter and tears.

Private Devil Puppy



Bossy and loyal Demon Master and impassive and cold Sword Master- they were separated lovers in their previous lives. But when they finally meet each other in this life, the Sword Master has lost his memories. Demon Master spends every day following him around like a loyal puppy. “What? You don’t like how I look now? Alright then, I’ll be your pet!


17.8K xuanzhe


Shen Sheng was a gentle person who had been taught to be prudent since he was a kid. After he found out a secret, his peaceful life was interrupted. Shen Sheng thus began to break the rules that had restrained him and started to make decisions based on his true feelings...

The Prince and His Mischievous One

14.3K XiaoShao Studio


Lenka Normans was betrayed by his childhood friend Jane Grey right after his succession to the throne, making him the most short-lived Emperor. However, God was merciful enough and gave him a chance to go back when he’s six. Reincarnated Lenka decided to stay away from that horrible friend so he could stay alive this time. But… Isn’t that bullied kid Jane Grey? Jeez… He’s looking at this way! Is this too late to run?!

Rainbow Crown

5.0K Rainbow Crown , Jing sheng


A once-popular idol’s career went downhill and ended up being the “canary” of a mysterious gang leader. What’s out of his expectation, this gang leader is his “stalking fan”. Let’s see how this has-been goes back to the top with the help of his powerful fan!

Indulged in Your Radiance

6.4K yuchi


Shu Yun, who was born from a ballet family, accidentally crosses his path with the Beijing Opera artist Tong Yang in his school. “I’m sure that you’re the light I’ve been searching for."

My Scheming Prince



The beautiful and proud Young Master of the demon clan, Hua Lou, met the scheming and well-mannered royal Prince in a disordered era. They treat each other as rivals and constantly end up in a fight. However, Hua Lou found that as proud as he is, he can’t remain calm in front of the prince. After a series of adventures, their hearts get closer and closer...

Superficial Relationship

8.3K vigor comic


The popular boy band seems peaceful, but the members had already broken up with each other privately. After an accident, the members traveled back to ten years ago when they just made their debut. Being given a second chance, how much effort does he need to spend to save his relationship with Meng Yilan and other members? This is a story about dreams and love!

We Are Not Friends

9.6K ziwu A


There are two men who will start fighting once they see each other. They won’t be friends anyway. So what kind of relationship will they have? The cold and proud high-class boy meets with a rebellious and edgy lad. They got an unsolved grudge during high school. Just when they thought they would never see each other again, they became neighbors who would meet every day at university! What will happen to them this time? What stories will they create?

Ogus's Law

40.8K SYball


Su Yuan was from a poor family. To release the heavy burden for his family, he accidentally got permitted into the Ogus Academy. However, he found out that the school was established to protect demons. As a weak human who wanted to survive, he must find a demon to be his pal. Because of Su Yuan’s unique scent, he attracted many wooers who wanted to be his pal as well as all sorts of attacks. Until one day, he saved a fox covered in blood, and revealed a big secret...

Love in Lyrics

19.6K Yan Jiu


Ye Zi felt unhappy in the childhood because of his broken family. At that time, he met Ago Hang who gives him care and protect. Ye Zi wants to rely on Gao Hang and gives his best to him. However, after many years the two met again, Gao gradually shows his disgust towards Ye Zi.

The Silent Concubine

47.2K QiangTang , The Shubl Website


The Commander of the North has his eyes on Governor Shen’s daughter and decides to take her in as a consort. However, the governor sends his beautiful male slave in place for his daughter. Shen Yu, a mute slave, has to hide his gender and replace Lady Shen to marry Xuan Xiao, in the hopes that his mother would live a safe life. Shen Yu is terrified that his real identity will be exposed and that he would be killed...

Mermaid's Egg

22.5K wan


A rich dandy ended up alone on a deserted island and brought a merman back to life accidentally. The merman is no ordinary but the High Priest of the Deserted Isle Tribe! The arrogant boy, somehow, was trapped on the island and forced to hatch eggs... “I have my self-esteem!” “Ancient tribes are horrible... I have no choice but to trust Mr. Merman with my life...”

Beautiful You

9.4K Ganu


Ever since young, "Woojong Kim" adored cute and pretty things, and believed that once he became an adult, he too would become like the idols he watched on TV.Instead, he becomes a 195 centimeter, heavily muscled, masculine man.Timid Woojong thus decides to create beauty instead, and changes his plans accordingly.This is how he meets "Ryuhyun", who studies modeling in the same university.It's love at first sight for Woojong, who then asks Ryuhyun to become his model.Ryuhyun, who has secrets that stop him from loving himself, accepts Woojong's offer with a condition attached.A story of how brawny yet adorable Woojong meets the gloomy yet beautiful Ryuhyun and helps him get over his past.

To Catch a Falling Star

2.9K Mina Jeong


"A thrilling fantasy of two men and a nine-tailed fox that transcends time and space!" The third-generation billionaire Sungwoo opens an inherited jewelry box and wakens the nine-tailed fox Bi, who is locked inside. Strangely though, a man from the Joseon Dynasty comes out of the marble. Sungwoo has a hard time soothing the outrageous Bi and asks his cousin Yoosung for help. Although Yoosung was born rich and has never been greedy, he feels a strong possessiveness when meeting Bi. So instead of troubling Sungwoo, Yoosung takes Bi to his house. Thereupon, a tremendous triangle love story begins...

Prince Bari

1.0K Solanine , Maki


"A romance about the shaman Yohan and the CEO Yoonsung experiencing adventures with their mysterious spirits!" The cunning shaman Yohan has a lazy boy spirit named Donga. When Donga senses a tiger spirit tagging along with Yohan's new client, the elite CEO Yoonsung, Donga starts hiding. The unwanted spirit Chunho accompanies Yoonsung in the form of the heavenly general Baekho. Wanting to go back to heaven, Chunho nonchalantly convinces both Yohan and Yoonsung to speed up this process by living together. At first unresponsive, Yoonsung begins caring for his roommates and discovers his love for the coy Yuhan. Only shortly after, Chunho realizes that Donga might be part of his erased past life. Every time he looks into Donga's longing eyes, he feels that there is an untold connection of their spirits...

Lifeless Man

917 Kimnyeong


"A surgeon who can see the lifespan of other people encounters an intriguing gangster who doesn't fear death!" Jun is a genius surgeon with the highest success rate in his operations. And he has also the special ability to see the lifespan of a person he faces! Sekwang, a ruthless gangster, mistakes Jun for a hitman and starts digging around in his past. But strangely, Jun can't see Sekwang's lifespan. And so, Jun notices the mysterious Sekwang and they start spending time together more and more...

To Be or Not to Be

12.0K The Shubl Website , Yiyiyiyiy

BL, Fantasy

No matter how outstanding you are in your career, as a grown-up, you just have to do blind dates! Two workaholic persons, who were trying to avoid blind dates, started a fake relationship with each other. To fulfill their Lover Contract, they had to pretend to be lovers in dealing with all kinds of emergencies. “We agreed that we are nothing but business partners... What’s with these uncontrollable butterflies locked in my stomach?” Keep up with We Are Not That Close and see how these two fall in love while constantly denying their feelings.

Ghost Wedding

1.5K Hongye


"But, you'd enjoyed everything up until now!!" Haekang Ohn, the eldest son of a prominent politician, and Gyeun Sah, the eldest son of a rich family find themselves brought together by an old family curse that was kept well-hidden over the years. They must get married in order to preserve the karma of their families and protect them from a curse put on their two families two thousand years ago! They are both against the idea thanks to bad blood between them from their shared past, but they are forced to stay in the same room together overnight and they survive the ordeal. But from that day on, strange things begin to happen...

Too Close



Lin Tianyu was the minister of the Discipline Department in school. Xu Ze was a freshman. One day when Lin Tianyu was doing his daily check, he caught Xu Ze sleeping by the window in the last row. So he walked over and deducted one point from him. Who would have thought, that one point bound their destiny together...

The Right Relationship

2.3K Cheetamen


"Hankyeol, a busybody studying to become a cop, is completely drawn to a part-timer Jihoon at the newly opened dessert shop these days.He only tries to help Jihoon who is the clumsiest on the face of the earth at the beginning.Nevertheless, Hankyeol becomes mesmerized by Jihoon's sweet, gorgeous face hiding behind the glasses and entirely falls for it. Keeping horrible scars on his body, probably from being bullied, Jihoon seems vulnerable to Hankyeol. Jihoon always thanks him for his help with a beaming smile that makes Hankyeol's heart race out of control. Hankyeol tries to convince himself and everyone else that it is only for the sake of humanity, but is that really the case? Fate has made two people from opposite poles run into each other! Let's fall in love in the right relationship!"

Hold on, Crown Prince!



Hold on, Crown Prince! Why are you doing this to me?! With a charming face and a not-quite-so attitude, not a day passes in the life of a beautiful boy Ray without some trouble. Seeing Ray get repeatedly fired from various jobs due to his fiery temper, Edward lets him in on a must-have item(!) for noble ladies that is sure to bring in a big sum of money. While searching through the forest for the material for the item, Ray is injured, though lightly, by an arrow out of nowhere. He runs away refusing any treatment. The arrow's owner is none other than Crown Prince Lucas of Luvecia. Having saved Ray from his troubles time and again, Lucas makes an offer Ray can't refuse--the terms of which dictate that his life will be spared, should he grant Lucas his wishes.

It wasn't There, but Now It Is

5.4K NAN


After getting rejected by Dowon Yoon, an upperclassman, Hong Ryu is approached by an unknown woman. The pills from the suspicious lady turn Hong into Dowon’s ideal type, which prompts Hong to begin a passionate love-bombing.


734 RedHong , MuGongJin


"To me, you may not tell even a word of lie." Year five of the unified Chang Empire, San the emperor, who brought peace to the chaotic world, returns to Changchunsung, his home, in disguise. There he runs into Kang, a demigod cast out from heaven and living as a human, and senses a strong attraction. Kang tries to distance himself from San as in Chang, relationships between humans and demigods are forbidden, and he would be executed once his demigod identity was revealed. Unable to disobey the orders of the emperor, Kang decides instead to deceive San. What does San know, and what has Kang forgotten? Bound by a tremendous fate neither can refuse, their lives intertwine yet again.

Realization of a Taste



Is this not where we were supposed to meet?! After stumbling into a gay bar by mistake, our protagonist finds an old schoolmate there as well, someone he used to admire 10 years ago…

Principle of Wolf Feeding

9.7K Wild grass , The Shubl Website


The coward You Qi was always following the hot-temper Zhou Zheng around. It’s quite annoying for Zhou Zheng to see him being so weak, but he just couldn’t leave him alone. One is a blunt and proud superstar; another is a timid and persistent support-role. When will they finally admit their true feelings for each other?

The Warehouse - YA Edition



"This is the story of the obsessive kidnapper Sungho and his victim Dohyun!"Dohyun is living an average life in an increasingly degenerated world. After taking a smoke break, he suddenly wakes up at a gym warehouse being tied up. Dohyun is stuck in the nightmare fantasy of his poker-faced but familiar kidnapper Sungho. By reviving his memories of his old high school gym warehouse, Dohyun tries to find out who tortures him. His delusional kidnapper viciously recreates past occurrences that happened there. While trying to win the upper hand, Dohyun unleashes even more of Sungho's controlling energy. When Dohyun collects more and more pieces of the puzzle, he realizes that there is a deeper issue of careless behavior to the whole story...

My Darling Signed in

14.6K New Lung , Dimang


Jaehyun may be the composed upperclassman on campus, but he secretly plays the hottest elven diva online with a love of pricey costumes. He meets Eunsung, a handsome first-year with deep pockets guarding his own secrets, at a school event. They connect instantly, but what begins as a sweet challenge becomes a risky game of affection on- and offline!

His Enemy Downstairs

12.7K An Eunjin


Spin off of BL 'The Voice Next Door' - After meeting in college, Yoonsung's sultry voice is what brought us together. Sure, being a long-time couple can get dull, but cheating on me?! It's over and I'm out, moved to a new apartment. So why is my mortal enemy living downstairs?!

Conrad - YA Edition

1.6K Hongye


The dark ages of oppression and fear had endedand the era of the peaceful reign ofBayern Agentiland HausIII had begun. Jayden, a knight who had returned home from his military service, happened to pick up a mysterious "egg" while wandering the street. Jayden tried to eat the egg, but out popped a dragon! He was destined to be thebabysitter of thedragon from then on. An emperor, who finds himselfdistrusting of dragons becasuse of'Hydra', the dragon that caused terror throughoutthe Dark Ages... Jayden, a knight who finds himself taking care of a dragon out of the blue... What will happen in their future?! Enjoy thisRomance Fantasy BL story between Bayern, the emperor, and Jayden, the knightaccompanied by Conrad, thedragon!

The Palace of Bardo - YA Edition

1.5K Bamilssi , zaru


Even in death or rebirth...You won't be able to get rid of me...He ended his life because he was unable to accept the emperor, who had gone mad with obsession. But, after over a hundred years pass by... like fate or... fate playing some sick joke, he is born again, with his memories of his past fully intact.Even though he had made a vow to never see the emperor again, and had wished for nothing more than to have his memory wiped clean of him...Was he still unable to escape him even through death?! Despite his best efforts, he finds himself face-to-face with the reincarnation of the Emperor...

The Retired Hero

1.1K Shroomi


Our hero, Alexander, aka Alec, who devoted his life to protecting people and punishing wickedness in the world, finds himself retiring early after a serious injury leaves him unable to continue. Because of his heart-breaking situation, Rosie, the love of his life, decides to move in with him. Oscar, a world-renowned talent scout for the entertainment industry, sets his sights on Alexander, intrigued by his striking good looks and strong physique. On his boss' special orders, Oscar begins to stalk...erm...follow Alexander in order to recruit him. But he ends up finding himself falling hard for him and his good looks instead...

Vampire X Hunter 2



This is a 200-year romantic story filled with love and hate. After sleeping for 200 years, the Vampire woke up to find his rival hunter is living with him! Did his memories fail him? This is simply unbelievable!

Magic Soup

117 Tropicalarmpit , Kimpeacock


"A beautiful fantasy about the notorious magician Larmanilla hiring the warm cook Romiard!"Following a fairy tale path his mother entrusted him with, Romiard wanders off to Larmanilla's ice castle. Its notorious magician hires Romiard as a chef after he successfully passes his cooking test for a magic soup.Larmanilla though, fickle and spoiled as he is, starts criticizing Romiard's cooking skills one day. Scared of a cold and piercing punishment, Romiard works out a plan to escape. When he gets caught by Larmanilla, he admits that he has also been feeling lonely. Larmanilla, who is actually fond of Romiard, refrains from punishing him, what is very unlike him. Will the warm chef sooner or later be able to melt the cold magician?